Football season is right around the corner

Once again the American and European football season’s are upon us and I can say this year I’m a little more eager than before. As far as College football goes here in America, I’m excited to see how my Oklahoma State Cowboys shape up this year and if we can maybe take down those darn Sooners this time. Now for the NFL my two primary teams the San Diego Chargers and the New York Giants have some questions behind them. Hopefully the Chargers can find a way to bounce back after quite an abysmal season in 2015 but I still am skeptical about how productive Melvin Gordon will be at the running back spot and whether Joey Bosa will live up to his acclaim. Now the Giants made what appear to be some nice signings this offseason in an attempt to patch up that horrible defense but with a rookie head coach and a quick-tempered star receiver in Odell I still have my doubts.

Now to shift this discussion to European football I am very keen on the Premier League this season, more so than I have been in the past. See in past years I felt like the EPL has been overrated with some high caliber stars but largely mediocre players who shrink the quality of the football being played. This season however with the world-class managers that have taken the reigns of some of the big clubs I am intrigued to see how it will play out. Of course the Scousers of Liverpool will always be my go to club in England (second only to Barcelona in Spain) and I think they will have a better campaign in this first full term under Jurgen Klopp. I love a few of the signings he has made especially Sadio Mane from Southampton, the new German netminder Karius who looks prone to take the starting spot from Mignolet, and the physical young lad Marko Grujic from Red Star in Serbia. With that being said I still have some doubts about our defense but it appears that Klopp is looking to strengthen that a bit more towards the end of this transfer period so I hope he does. Overall this premier league season should be one for the ages and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.


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