Copa America and Euro 2016 updates

It’s been a little while since I have posted anything here but I just wanted to share my thoughts on a couple big futbol/soccer tournaments that are taking place this summer.

Copa America has been strange to say the least. As someone who follows international soccer like it’s my job (hopefully someday) I can say that this tournament has been full of surprises. For one the United States Men’s National Team stepped up big time and won a group that seemed daunting after the draw in February. After a difficult first match that saw them lose to Colombia on a set piece goal and a penalty given away by the young wingback Deandre Yedlin our prospects for advancing to the knockout rounds looked bleak. But they bounced back with a commanding performance against an up and down Costa Rica team and a nail biting 1-0 win against Paraguay to advance to the quarterfinals as the group winner after Colombia was upset by Los Ticos.

Now for Euro 2016 it kicked off a few days ago and it has had its ups and downs. Some of the matches have been bland as the teams are shaking off the rust but there has been quite a few screamers (awesome goals) to keep the entertainment value high. But the main thing that I came here to blog about was one of the biggest surprises of the first round of matches and that was Iceland capturing a draw against Portugal and their golden boy Cristiano Ronaldo. So it was Iceland’s first major tournament in its country’s history and somehow they found an equalizer in the 50th minute to shock the Portuguese. They eventually went on to tie the match much to the chagrin of said superstar Ronaldo and let’s just say he didn’t take it very well. So in the postgame presser Ronaldo was quite distraught and ripped the tiny island of Iceland saying they just sat back the whole time and didn’t try to win the ball and just played on the counter. Really he was just a class A jerk and fueled the fire of people who believe he’s a self-centered showoff.


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